Oberlin, OH

Over the long weekend, I went to go visit my good friend Kameron. Being one of the few friends I still keep in touch with from High School, Kameron and I had lots to catch up on. Kameron, who has already visited Fordham twice, was eager to show me around his kingdom in rural Ohio. 

Few words can explain the way I feel towards Oberlin College. The school is nearly the opposite from what I am use to at Fordham. While I appreciated the change of pace from New York City, I would say the surrounding community was a bit too quiet for my comfort. Additionally, I appreciated the environmental focus a lot of the buildings featured. Transitioning over the past few years from interests in corporate finance to sustainabile accounting, I was jealous of the resources Oberlin had which Fordham lacked.


We also found ourselves at one of Oberlin's local reservoirs. The landscape was beautiful as fall creeps through the air. 


Thank you to Kameron for showing me off to all his friends. It's apparent that he runs Oberlin College but I'm glad he'll soon leave his bubble and return back to everyday society. 

Brendan Batcheller