Dinner with John Lumelleau

This past Thursday I had the privilege of dining with the President and CEO of Lockton Companies, John Lumelleau, at the Union League Club in Midtown Manhattan. Mr. Lumelleau is a graduate of Fordham College at Rose Hill where he majored in Political Science as well as played on the football team. He now serves in many advisory roles at Fordham and has taken it upon himself to speak to current students through both formal speeches and open dialogues. 

Among the ten undergraduate Gabelli students attending the dinner, the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses were equally represented and there was a diversity of majors. There was not a dull moment of conversation, except of course, when the food arrived. We each spoke about our individual paths to Fordham and how our experiences had been thus far. Mr. Lumelleau then went on to give a summarized version of his time at Fordham and how he rose to now hold his role in the world's largest privately held insurance brokerage firm. He focused mainly on the connections and persistence he had to embody throughout his lifetime. He also spent a fair amount of time detailing who his three mentors were throughout his life and what he learned from them. The most vivid story I recall is the rather harsh feedback Mr. Lumelleau received from his then boss and mentor. I do not want to divulge all of the details from the story, however, I will say that the message I came away with was that within life, you have to identify your mentors and be able to hold a certain level of trust within your relationship with them. 

I thank Mr. Lumelleau for this wonderful experience and the wise words he shared with us. I also congratulate him on nearly approaching retirement which he will take in May. 

BCB - 3/25/17

Brendan Batcheller